electric raspberry X ihateblonde

by Rachel Lynch in

What makes a blonde electric raspberry girl? She is tart with kick. She is wine colored roses over a vanilla ocean. Neon convertible tee, light pink circle shades and roses coming out of thigh-highs atop her platforms. Stars, butterflies, berries. Prince sang about her, dark pink-red. She makes her own ice cream and collects sea shells. She stung like a jellyfish, in colors of shocking neon pink when angry. Vivacious violet, the electric raspberry, the sweet tart in your mouth.

Rachel and Amanda, the Lolitas of a modern-age.

Above is the result of a collaboration between Amanda of electric raspberry and myself. Together, we discussed back and forth what could capture the essence of our two blogs in an outfit (or two). We knew we had to use Wildfox, because it is currently one of the favorite brands of the moment for both of us. We also knew we wanted something playful, creamy and carefree, like as Amanda would say, "a poptart morning". And in the end we decided to really play up the sweet pinks of summer and bring the look of a raspberry girl to life. We really hope you enjoy, stay magical.

sunglasses by wildfox

california girl tee by wildfox

flower lennon sweater by wildfox

big litas by jeffery campbell 

neon hellbounds by UNIF

ihateblonde X electric raspberry