ELECTRIC RASPBERRY X I HATE BLONDE : the last sleepover of summer

by Rachel Lynch in ,


Summer is drawing to a close. Endless afternoons sneaking onto rooftop pools, sipping watermelon juice, and kissing the mirrors of country club powder rooms.
Hopping on their skateboards, collecting sunflowers, chewing Bubble Tape.
Holding hands and laughing ‘til tiny tears trickle down past their sun-kissed cheeks.
It’s been perfect.
But they’re all too aware that soon the autumn clouds will loom overhead.
They’ll bundle up beneath thick turtlenecks and sip hot chocolate at the corner bookstore. They’ll carve pumpkins and dip caramel apples. They’re excited for Fall, but for now, they relish in the last stretch of their coveted heat wave.
One last sleepover to ice their summer cake.
In their apartment, playing dress-up. Never too old to play pretend.
Pink platforms, strawberry Pocky. Champagne and martinis, Clueless on repeat.
Dreaming big. They’ve spent the last of their savings. They don’t know what they’re doing, where they’re going. But, they know for sure that they’ll be there together, wherever “there” is.
Out on the streets of New York, well past 3 a.m.- hunting for pizza, of course.
They grab two slices and lay out under the stars.
Finding constellations and mapping out their plans.
Plans for a forever friendship, for endless love, and for unforgettable memories.
Living life the way they’d always hoped they would. Fun and free.
summer daisy crop top by Kiley Kouture 
electric metallic leggings by Kiley Kouture 
bitch pink wildfox tee from Kiley Kouture 
shopping is my cardio sleepy tee by Wildfox Couture
say yes tee by Wildfox Couture  
alien blue space shoes by Jeffrey Campbell
words and collaboration with Electric Raspberry
photos by The Worn Out