Eating Watermelon

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_8132_MG_8152IMG_8136_MG_8167_MG_8158_MG_8155Eating watermelon in a Lower East Side Park. I decided to dress up like a pink magical creature in my new watermelon tee from Gypsy Warrior.

Most of you know I'm a Vegan. Last Monday I got my wisdom teeth out, probably one of the most painful and annoying procedures in my life. I've been in bed for six days, only able to eat soup/soft foods! Today (day 7) is finally the first day I feel back to human! In celebration of my recovery, I've decided to do the next four days of eating solely fruit! I'm even going to cut out my morning soy latte! Hopefully, I will be able cleanse myself on an abundance of raw fruit, tea, and fruit juices.

What are you guys favorite fruits? Do you ever eat fruit as a meal?

Happy Sunday!

x x

watermelon tee by Gypsy Warrior 

sunglasses by Karen Walker

photos by Emma Lauren