Eat Your Own Banana

by Rachel Lynch in

Yesterday, I shot around in the old art town. There are a plethora of old business there and far too many run down apartments. I’m in love with all the brick buildings that surround that area. There is something warm yet treacherous about the color of the bricks. I can’t really put my finger on it.. but in any case, I’m wearing a cream ruffle dress from lush carnal and a washed-denim jacket.

You can get this ruffle mini at

Sadly, it started raining so we had to stop shooting and decided to park it in a starbucks. I’m reading “The Book of Dead Philosophers”. Its really intresting because most people who study philosophy never pay attention to the actual life of the philosopher.  I, on the other hand, believe that it is one’s own life and experiences that play and create one’s one philosophy; I think this even holds true to the minds of the greats.

Ahh, I love summer adventures. Even when it turns out to be such a rainy day. Running around like the little grunge doll I am, I always feel like i actually get to be myself in front of the camera. Tomorrow I’m going to a designer’s house about an hour away to work on my new collections. I need a lot of help with lines and such. I’ve been really inspired by the paintings of Ron Delavigne. His work en capsules a lifetime of knowledge that only a man of his background could depict. Maybe I’ll post some of his works tomorrow.