Easy Rider

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_1453 copy money3 IMG_1470 copy IMG_1477 copy IMG_1469 copy comedown1 81Some days, you just have to do it yourself. A while back, I was sent this sheer black lace dress. It was a little too big for me, so I set it aside. Then, one night while working on styling, I got a little crafty. I cut the sleeves off and made it about 4x shorter. And voila, it works for me. I have a hard time wearing dresses because I feel like they just swallow me whole, but take the sleeves and 3490572 inches off, and I'm good to go.

Hope you all have a killer day and kick back.


sunglasses by wildfox

sheer black dress by Sheinside 

black and white Jeffrey Campbell boots from Miss KL 

white fur coat by  H&M 

photos by Jaglever