dye your hair, drink coffee, eat rainbow sprinkles and get your ass kicked

by Rachel Lynch in

I'm blogging to you from my bed today -- No, it's not because I have a "Cinco De Mayo" hangover (#trashy ).. but because I was up at noon (so #earlyz) getting my ASS KICKED by quite possibly the best female trainer I've ever met...who happens to have just left the navy.

I put on my matching nike workout outfit, almost forgot my pink boxing gloves and headed to starbucks. Accidentally order a grande, (#noregrets) and walked to the gym. When I saw that we had a women trainer for our noon boxing class today, I had a SUPER stereotypical sexist moment and felt a sigh of relief -- "this workout is going to be easy peazy lemon female squeezey...."

I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong!!! She had us running laps in and out of the boxing bags, duck walking, crawling, squatting, squat-jumping and finding creative ways to make our body weight feel like thousands of pounds all over the place. Then we divided into teams to run suicides until I almost puked my soy chai tea latte. That was followed by a serious of "burn-out" boxing sessions, where the whole point of was to actually kill yourself. Then we planked for like 15+ minutes... (I will be able to play tick tac toe on my abs if I keep this up...)

None-the-less, it was somehow chic and productive sunday morning. Now I'm in bed... because I deserve to be here.. bitches.