dusk to dawn

by Rachel Lynch in

_MG_6543 _MG_6546 _MG_6562 _MG_6575 _MG_6579 _MG_6588 _MG_6594 _MG_6610 _MG_6620 _MG_6641 _MG_6643 _MG_6646 _MG_6648 _MG_6684 _MG_6692 _MG_6693 _MG_6699 _MG_6709 _MG_6719She was of both the sun and the moon. The stars knew her by name and the clouds let her dance upon them with her golden skin. She slept in the sunsets, rested in the purple haze. She was so connected to the natural world, she saw Krishna in all it's ways. Krishna kissed her with every raindrop, and embraced her with his warm glow. She knew in her heart that heaven was truly here, already upon on us.

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photos by Emma Lauren