dusk at dawn

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_8690 - REV IMG_8698 - REV IMG_8702 - REV IMG_8703 - REV IMG_8704 - REV IMG_8767 - REV IMG_8768 - REV IMG_8773 - REV IMG_8802 - REV IMG_8816 - REV IMG_8845 - REV IMG_8972 - REV IMG_9021 - REV IMG_9057 - REVsometimes, the passing of a day does something to you. it was nothing specific that happened that day. it was the day itself. the morning came in a cloud of purple and the streets dripped their dust upon you. you awoke in the magic of the now. you saw that you had this day to live, and it was mysterious to you. a man once told me i had to find what i feared most, and go live there. perhaps we only truly live when we are afraid.

some days, you have the power to embrace the mystery of now. yesterday is just a shadow in a crystal sea. everyone has their own reality where they are not frightened. and it is in this reality, that they swim. perhaps this is the only reality there is.

flower halter top by babes in the woods 

cosmic bell bottoms by edge of urge 

sunglasses by Quay

photos by Fernando Cervantes