by Rachel Lynch in

 I'd love for us to solve global warming by group prayer, but that's just not gonna happen. So kick me out the sandbox, let's get up, and bang out to the truth like it wasn't inconvenient. Your civil society's a little too civil for me, I've got special interest in truth and legitimacy. We're playing our own game too well, expanding globally like we ain't going to hell. Not enough room in your house for your dog and your moms, so you buy a crib where you can support prop 8 on your lawn.

God's green earth is getting darker every day. And when I try to leave class, the teacher's begging at me to stay. Never had time for any trigonometry, rather get all up in your circumference and split the diameter uncomfortably. Unlike an oil king, I got nothin to gain, from making you feel uncomfortably insane. So fry the planet with your cheap fossil fuel, Texas, and let's make toast.. cause I'll be posted right here, where they hate on me the most.