don't worry your pretty little heart,

by Rachel Lynch in

"We have created a world without God," Is it dangerous... Is it true? I recently watched an interview VICE did with Father Amorth, an exorcist from Rome. He said he was shocked when he saw the referendums for abortion and divorce.

He said that without putting God first, the idea of family cannot survive. I denounced the statement entirely until I thought about the fact that whenever I tell people my parents are still together, they are shocked. It's more "normal" now for families to be separated, rather than together. Sad but true.

I always have believed it's a good thing that our Western world is moving away from this "naive" idea of God in the big blue sky. That we are finally free to have a world where gay marriage is legal and we are free to express ourselves without worrying that Jesus is going to judge us or send us to the fiery pits. But, some of the repercussions of this Godless world are scary... (If they are a direct result of a world without God. I'm not saying they are... who really knows). I'm just saying it's sad to see the idea of the family really break down and deteriorate right in front of our eyes. And it's scary to see youth fall so heavily into addiction and endless psychological disorders at such an early age.

Is it just the west? In one of my classes, we've been analyzing depression as a Western disease, "a disease of modernity." Maybe it's the loss of innocence at such a young age, the break-down of the family, the removal of faith, consumerism, greed or just a general sense of being without purpose.

I don't know. But there is a hole in the collective psyche. A hole that can't be filled with how many "likes" you get on your drunk facebook photos, or how many people retweet your tweet. And the fact that no matter how much you drink or smoke, you will still be empty.

The only real thing I know is love. Real, genuine love and respect for someone else. The self-sacrafice and putting others above you. If man loses his ability to do that, then I fear he will be lost for good.

Cherish the real friendships that you have and take care of them, the rest is fun... but's just unicorn stuff. *wink*