by Rachel Lynch in

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Fifteen kids blasting out of a thrift shop on St. Marks with skate boards, bikes and fur coats. Watch the Throne. The tribe is back... like they ever left this bitch. What you know about getting asked to take your beanie off for a mug shot? 4AM in LES, jumping off buildings in all black. Late night vultures, champagne swigs as I swing left and right on my skateboard, pass it to the next and drop down into the bike lane.

Let them know who you are. She say she from brooklyn, but I just left her place in LES. It's the mob so you've got get blood-sworn in. We burn shit down. So sophisticated.

You say finding somebody real is your fucking problem? Bring your bitches to the tribe, maybe we can solve em'.

garter tee by 10th Tribe 

black on black beanies by 10th Tribe

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photos by Stephania Consarino