degausser noir

by Rachel Lynch in ,

d3-156700005 copy56690012 copyicandishitout copy2sickofyourtattoospt256690006 copy56690003 copy56690010 copy56690008 copyI fell asleep in the skyline. White hair and a bottle of guilt on the Lower East Side. I think this mind mistake is exactly what I need. Sad on the subway, I let it push me up against the wall. You're my favorite bird, so don't be that hand around my throat. Find someone to be everything you'll never be. The storm is coming. I just want sleep. Dressed in all black, I let the bad parts in. I don't mind you under my skin.

Back into my dream world where I can't shake the feeling that I'll never do anything right.

x x

bodysuit + lace stockings by Nasty Gal

shoes by YRU

film photos by Emma Lauren + edit by me