deep sea divers

by Rachel Lynch in

deepsea5deepsea1deepsea2deepsea6deepsea3deepsea4deepsea7deepsea8We were deep sea divers, on another man's planet. And I fell for you hard babe, but I never quite landed. Lights smother this city. Falling into the darkest of minds, busy building castles for a dead man. It's like I'm stuck in the air, product of the sky. Chasing clouds and hoping they lead a trail to you.

He's the shipwreck, and she's the sea. Peace is dead and evil lives. A life slips through the sands of time, through the hands of the cosmos. It's hard to tell the difference between what's dissolved in the sea, and the sea itself. The difference between reality, and the workings of the heart. 

But the light can make everything feel beautiful. Emerson said, "The whole course of things goes to teach us faith." She soon learned that the petty tyrants in her life were just as divine as those who provide her with encouragement and support. She learned to transcend. The unfortunate and evil are our greatest teachers. All that you were exposed to was in divine order. 

devil swimsuit + shoes by Nastygal

photos by Stylefeen

inspired by "deep sea diver" by Angel Haze