days to come,

by Rachel Lynch in

We throw caution to the wind like rain children waiting for the storm to come. The sun awakens and the west has been experiencing nightly moon-lit skies. In the morning, I can count the birds upon the trees from my bed. Their colors are that of a summer sky and the pink dots upon their eyes lighten the hardness when it rains. Feathers are drenched, but then they look beautiful as they dry and begin to separate.  New birth. Creation will not bite or fail us.

Running around like we're wild animals. I plan on spending the next week in the MSNBC newsrooms,getting the story no matter what, polaroid photoshoots with new photographers, and spending the weekend running around the city singing phoenix's 1901 till my lungs give out.

Running down summer energy, filling Pringle cans with flowers, sneaking into high-schools, so much to look forward to.