a day in the dollhouse

by Rachel Lynch in

d16d8d3d4d5d6d17d28d26d25d24d23d22d21d18d20d19d10d9d12d13d14d11d15d7d8d2d1d29A day in the dollhouse. Little castle in the middle of Brooklyn. Blonde n' loving it. Morning starts with playing dress up. A million articles of clothing on your floor by noon- dress, hats, feathers, gold and lace. What character do you feel like being today? Perhaps a mermaid, perhaps a cowgirl, maybe even Sailor Moon? Decide on space angel in a white dress and press go. Then it's off to the fridge for breakfast, which usually just involves cutting up mango and spilling almond milk on the floor. Blasting Iggy Azalea as you curl your hair. Daydreaming of pink houses and Jamaican boys and neon clothing.

Throw a fur on, and run out the door. Big sunglasses on for this Friday adventure. Play in the park and collect pink flowers for your girlfriend. Kiss the sky, wear a cape and pack a picnic. Fresh air afternoon in a little bit of spring paradise. After that, return to your apartment and dance around into your swimsuit until you decide what to wear. It's Friday night and you want to go out dressed as a mermaid. Running around, slipping on your wood floors. Eating avocado and sipping sparkling water. You finally decide on big black boots and a little dress. The evening is yours, you'll be back in the dollhouse before the clock strikes midnight.

x x

white dress by AGAIN

white platforms by YRU 

black lace up boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

hello swimsuit by Wildfox 

jewelry by Sequin NYC

photos by Jenn Senn