Dahila Wolf X I Hate Blonde

by Rachel Lynch in ,

DSC_9732DSC_9689DSC_9699DSC_9736DSC_9720DSC_9693DSC_9734Hey guys! Stoked to announce that I've teamed up with Dahila Wolf to bring you the blogger battle contest. Dahlia Wolf, the brand that made my awesome overalls and this mint dress and fur blazer, is offering one lucky follower a full wardrobe! You can click here to enter the contest. I really love every piece they've sent me, they're not like your typical e-commerce site. They actually make their own pieces, which makes them super fun to style and wear out.

Anyways, get a head start on the contest & vote for me (duh!) and let's get a dope fresh wardrobe for spring!


white fur blazer by Dahlia Wolf

teal v-cut dress by Dahlia Wolf

necklace by Sequin

photos by Kohl Murdock