crystal castles

by Rachel Lynch in ,

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Looking you over, you don't even know my name yet. By the time you turned away, I already decided who you are. I've got this need now inside my beating heart. See, I'm not interested in who you are. I'm interested in who I want you to be. So come close, I'll tell you who I need you to be. It's so easy to fall in love this way, I never really have to meet anyone.

And I've got a castle I haven't been to in two months, maybe you'd like to visit. We can play dress up, I'll decide what you wear. I've got characters for days, colorful furs, huge hats and glitter makeup. I've got shoes to make you taller, dresses to make you smaller.

I've been a tourist in my own city my whole life. One day I decide I'm from Soho, another day I'm from the West Side. I write stories, I live my stories. And you can run with me. We can tear down this place brick by brick. We can flash photos in the streets and sip sodas in the park. You see, I didn't need anyone until I decided who you were going to be.

peasant crop top by couture castles

velvet lace up short shorts by couture castles

thigh-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell

blue fur is vintage

photos by Monica Baddar