crystal ball

by Rachel Lynch in , ,

MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch008- rachel lynch-wildfox-brooklyn-hamptonstee MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch009-rachel lynch-wildfox-wildfox couture MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch010- rachel lynch- wildfox- wildfox couture-wildfoxcouture-i hate blonde-lookbook-bushwick-castlebraid MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch011 MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch012MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch007Winter comes in a crystal ball. I see it, and shake it. I held you inside, safe like the town of a snow globe. The sun sets on your skin, it touches you and somehow you know you can be human once again. So you let it caress you, the little bit of warmth on your shoulders moves them to come alive. Night music transports through colored clouds, in hues of purple, light blue, baby pink and burning orange. They all flood to make magic for your eyes. I am the lonely voyager on deck and she is the sea. It's hard to tell the difference between sea and sky, between reality and the workings of a crystal ball.

hamptons top by Wildfox Couture

cream hamptons vacation pant by American Apparel

mirror aviators by Wildfox Couture

cotton candy coat by Nastygal

photos by Melly Lee