crawled out of the sea

by Rachel Lynch in

For the world around you is not your own, and the people that walk aside you are made from the same dust but bear a different soul. You light your camels in a manor quite similar to my own, but I'm from the future and you are from the past. I'm going to be a symbol of this modern world and you're going to be a martyr for history's ways.

I've been spending all my nights in the company of others but all I want to do is run my skin against your sheets. Let me be your pretty flower in a vase. Morning dress and the sound of water through a cloud steam. I'll pour my daydreams for your in a cup and let you drink up. I look out at the rain as it pours and fight for our love once more.

The sun's been hidden for the last month, lets put an end to this winter song and dive deep into the waves of baptism.