cozy blonde sundays

by Rachel Lynch in

Fucking yentas. Seriously. Latin Name: Overbearing relentlus. Notable characteristics: bursting with good intentions, far too many. Sees every interaction as an opportunity to squeeze in advice about your love life/job search/pie recipe.

She's told you twice now, so why aren't you listening ? She honestly believes that not telling you which dish soap to use would be a crime. Although their empathy system is is clearly in over-drive, let's give it up to the foxy yentas in our lives today... without them, we just wouldn't know best.

On another note, I'm having a cozy blonde night here in my new pink topshop sweater. (I'm slowly learning the modesty game.) Just another Sunday where I'm torn between being a pop star and a med student. The solution? Play around on garage band recording covers of Jessie J and read the latest issue of psychology today.