cowboy kate

by Rachel Lynch in

cowboy kate, the wild child full of grace, I can only do things that are sensually appealing to me. I spent my weekend dripping across the east coast mixing fashion and words. Style is what is born when you spend enough time searching the earth picking out the pieces of it that are uniquely you. Cowboy Kate by Sam Haskins has always been great inspiration to me. In fact, it's currently the coffee table book in my studio. A good photo, or series of photos, tells a story. Cowboy Kate is a story of freedom and youth.  Photos should be a place in which we can create and convey. Our spirits were not meant to be kept inside these flesh-bound bodies; They need to be let out and given to others.  I'm committed to telling a story through every photo I take and every shoot I work on. I'm getting to that point where I feel that I'm not only telling my story, but the story of many.