by Rachel Lynch in

Throw my kicks up on their desk and light me another one. Can't say I was there when they took role, blonde snow-white and her serpent in the back of your class. Slamming the door on bullshiters who talk a big game. Silly little boys trying to get me in their car, but little do they know know, I ride a flamingo. I learned about sex the way I learned about reporting: you just do it. I never needed a co-author, pussy drives this convertible. If you were really gonna come get me, your ass would of been up and did it by now.

I'm the wrong girl to fuck with, it's in my nature to tear you apart. Elevator eyes and blonde hair like a title wave. Jail-bait fucking with actors in LA. Self-destructive sex appeal. A true fox in the major leagues. First-born unicorn. Glitter. Blonde. Swarovski Crystal Serpent. Los Angeles. Lace-up. Favorite Vice. Birthday lust. Runner. Get-born. Here's a dedication, To Whom It May Concern:

I don't give a fuck.