come back and see me soon,

by Rachel Lynch in

Some resentment from a one night heart-break, soft wet skin. You told me that love don't last, drawing circles with your fingers across my back.

How did you know to find me here? Emotions scrawled under the light and into my limbs,

We've always been dancing here and we make the same score. Fill it up and take until I'm sore. Skin and scars, please just run. Run far away from here so I can sing of this night-time. I've tasted degradation and found myself playings with the wicks of candlelight.

You came with hands and I couldn't stand to burn underneath your gallows. In your eyes, I am a fantasy, more than human. We are not of nature, you and I, you taste just like the white sands of time, help me to shine.  I can take it all away.

We get back up, and we do it again. This is how we learn.