Close your eyes, Holy Roller Novocaine

by Rachel Lynch in

Free- is all that she could bleed That’s why’ll she’ll never stay White- bare naked in the night Just lookin’ for some play Just another girl that wants to rule the world Any time or place And when she gets into your head You know she’s there to stay

These photos were taken by Speedtron Photography in her studio in Wicker Park. The place was really fantastic and had a lot of potential. In addition to these photos we took some with her best friend’s crazy and huge dog. Paulua did a killer job on the hair and make-up. A lot of the first photos in the pink nightgown we felt really had a 60’s vibe. I want to start really channeling the 60s/70s with my wardrobe selections. I also finally got to wear my Sam Eldmen harness shoes for the first time in a shoot so that made me really stoked. I’m hoping to design a few great pieces that compliment them well.

This next week holds a fair amount of excitement and adventure for me. I’ve got two shoots to do in town with some talented photographers that use film as their weapon of choice. I’m working tonight and tomorrow to complete my lookbook and flats of Lush Carnal’s Holiday Collection. Also working to organize a small competition that involves lots of photos and good times in order to promote Lush Carnal’s Spring Collection. Then, Thursday, I leave for Los Angeles where I plan on spending a lot of time with that certain someone and painting the night sky with endless adventure.