City of Aces

by Rachel Lynch in

Blame it on drifting plate tectonics, but on New Year's Day I found out that Hunter was not going to be able to review my application in time for spring semester. Leave it to me to apply on the last possible day and add in the fact that residents get priority, (WTF I pay $$$$$ for an apartment in midtown but apparently haven't been doing it for long enough...) But regardless, they'll be able to accept me in summer. Shit. Fuck. Was my initial response, but a college advisor was able to calm me down and assure me I was going to be able to attend in the summer.

I suppose everything happens for a reason, so it's two oversized suitcases and a flight back to Chicago. Luckily, I'll be working for one of the coolest guys at VICE, so they're willing to let me start up my internship again in June. Until then it's grinding here in Chicago to finish my degree. As upset as I initially was, it's really not all that bad. I'll be back in New York next week for some modeling gigs, and also hopefully going to Pittsburg and Pensacola for shoots in these upcoming weeks. But the best part of all this? I'm back with my friends. Some of the best friends a girl could ask for, (and a gang that probably needs a reality show) don't worry... it most likely will be happening soon, haha. Every opportunity is a blessing and I'm lucky to have such beautiful people in my life. After spending this past weekend with everyone, they've got me wondering how I ever left them.

Blonde kisses, my best friend's birthday is coming up this Friday and I've got two shoots scheduled. I feel a good week in my future...