china girl

by Rachel Lynch in , , ,

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little china girl in love with the world. she secretly wished the whole world would embrace what it hates. she wanted to find what she was afraid of and go live there. Her chest felt full of glitter and helium and she desperately wanted to write everything down, experience it all, and capture the entirety of new york in one photograph. It all felt too far apart, too distance, she wanted to hold it all in her hands. new york was silver glitter flashing in the street lights, inescapable, something you could never hold in your hands.

white leather crop top by Nastygal

silver ice princess skirt by Nastygal

shake sequin white jacket by Nastygal

stud floppy hat by Nastygal 

sunglasses by Spitfire

thigh-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Phillip Van Nostrand