castle in the sky

by Rachel Lynch in ,

IMG_8563 - REV IMG_8574 - REV IMG_8578 - REV IMG_8591 - REV IMG_8610 - REV IMG_8613 - REV IMG_8619 - REV IMG_8635 - REV IMG_8641 - REV IMG_8642 - REV IMG_8648 - REV IMG_8650 - REV IMG_8693 - REV IMG_8701 - REV IMG_8709 - REV IMG_8714 - REV IMG_8721 - REV IMG_8755 - REV IMG_8763 - REV IMG_8794 - REV IMG_8815 - REV IMG_8820 - REV IMG_8828 - REVAnd right in the middle of New York, they decided to build a castle in the sky. From dusk till dawn they danced and watched the winter come in. With rainy eyes, she moved where the sun would warm her. It seemed it would never end, they would stay safe in the steep cliffs and the soft snow would forever keep them locked away. It felt safe, but the warm was only a feeling. And then she remembered, it was as C.S. Lewis said, "Being in love was a good thing, but not the best thing. There are many things below it, but also things above it. And one cannot make it the basis of a whole life. It is a noble feeling, but still just that, a feeling. Feelings come and go." And with that breath, she gazed at the snow melting around her. She began to step back into the cold once again, but this time on her own.

sequin shorts by Rock Refinery

black motel dress by Rock Refinery

pink jacket by Trash and Vaudeville 

sunglasses by Wildfox

white toe boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

purse by Nastygal

photos by Fernando Gcervantes