by Rachel Lynch in , ,

012014_RACHEL_LYNCH_130 012014_RACHEL_LYNCH_226 012014_RACHEL_LYNCH_280 012014_RACHEL_LYNCH_006 012014_RACHEL_LYNCH_052Why does butterscotch taste so good? And we can't have any, but we should. Why does sugar cane taste so sweet? Little Los Angeles fairies in the valley, sprinkling dust and falling in love. You remind me of baseball games and the movies.

And why does kissin' you feel so good? Even though it ain't allowed, I know we sure damn should. And why does holding hands feel so right? I have a bruise on my pinky ring from holding too tight. Make it sparkle. Diamonds and spiders in the streets. Little girls dreaming of life and love under the California sun.

palm tree sweater by Wildfox

cotton candy coat by Miracle Eye

blue twiggy deluxe frame by Wildfox

heart sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Jessica Castro