Californiacation 1979

by Rachel Lynch in

We open on clouds skidding fast-motion across the sky. A beating head and the sped-up workings of what today will bring, I delight in the tempos of rock n roll. Hollywood's promise, A fast-paced jet set existence into and out of the solar system of flashing cameras. Catching sight under a Los Angeles existence, I see his proclamation, "The Motorcycle Boy Reigns". Running into, out of, and over what once was, I invite you to run with me through your dreams. The idea is everything and the Golden Age is going to leave you with nothing. You've spent all your time learning how to tune your guitar but I want to teach you to play music.

Let me take you up into the sky and show you how to observe all the beauty this world can offer. I'll give you a taste but I simply can't stay, You've got to learn to dive in and pull good emotions from nothing. I want you to see if you can preform with half your brain tied behind your back.

"Every now and then", she explains, "A person comes along that has a different view of the world, than does a usual person. It doesn't make them crazy, however, It can drive you crazy"

Slow, she's burning in your soul, with whispers in your ear. Born into the wrong era, on the the wrong side of the american pop culture, with the ability to do anything she wants to do, and finding nothing she wants to do.