by Rachel Lynch in

"I know my reputation precedes me, cause I keep it movin to my soul's delight"

“I’ve got this soul and it’s all fired up”

All above photos were taken by Bryant Eslava of etiamvita. You can see his work here.

This was only our first shoot and we took some really bomb shots in my hotel room and then around the hollywood and highland area. You can expect much, much more from us. We’ve got plans and upcoming things that are going to blow the classical music out your ass.

He’s really a best friend to me and you better get ready for more.


How could anybody feel the same after spending the week trailblazing around Hollywood. All night, out on the run from anything and everything. Friends don’t waste wine when there’s words to sell and images to capture. Booked it for two nights at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood and Highland. There I did a shoot for Lush Carnal Collections with KrisKid and my friends who make the most beautiful models. It was dangerously adventurous and gorgeous as hell. Since we’re class mother fucking acts we busted down the Boulevard letting the air of the streets blow our lush mini dresses around. The night wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Mel’s and some wine. The next day brought in a shoot with Bryant Eslava of Etiam Vita. I’ve been friends with this boy for so long, it was fantastic to finally meet him and cook up some images. We’ve got a few more concepts that we’re working on, so when we hook up next, keep a look out for a revolution.  That night I headed to Old Town Pasadena for a dinner date and cigarette talks. Jesse surprised me with a trip to a fanatic library and we cruised around LA on his Vespa snapping disposable film photos.  I wore jean shorts, motorcycle boots and white leather jacket; but that was nothing in comparison to his green army coat decked in the Who patches. We filled two disposable cameras with happenstance debauchery. When Sunday night rolled around best believe it wasn’t time yet to rest my chemistry. I went to Cinespace with Jesse and beforehand cruised around, finishing a bottle of wine in the car on the Los Angeles Freeway. We danced and smoked and I had the chance to meet with Will of Kidpaparazzi and his amazing girlfriend Brittani. From there they drove us up to see the Hollywood Sign, which was quite the drive and sight. After that we went to a little party on Melrose and made it home around eight in the morning. One thing that stayed consistent was the morning starbucks run and cigarette talks of novels and mishaps. I’ll be back to raise more hell on the West Coast in late October. But until then, I’ll be shaking up some style in upcoming shoots and waltzing in and out on a whim.

How we roll..