bushwick flowers

by Rachel Lynch in

flower8flower1flower3flower6flower4flower5flower7flower2Casual Saturdays spent lounging and juice drinking in one of my neighborhood cafes. I love living in Bushwick so much. I never appreciate it's uniqueness until I'm outside it. Bushwick has such a culture and feel to it unlike anywhere else. My street is covered in colorful murals, and the cafes and bars are each stylized so differently, yet fit together so well. My condo building is funky and designed like a giant treehouse filled with art and artists.

I've been traveling lately and I feel like I'm so spoiled when I'm home in Bushwick. I walk one block to the freshest coffee, carrot juice and vegan food. I'll be heading home tonight after almost a week in Rhode Island and a trip to Long Island. It's been so beautiful here, I never realized how much I adore the way New England looks. It's so historic and classic. So happy I'm on the best coast.

Happy Monday!

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floral romper by Nasty Gal

brown hat by Nasty Gal 

photos by Stylefeen