breakin' dawn

by Rachel Lynch in

Daddy had a disordered child, left her out to fend for herself in the wild. She kept to herself and she seldom came around. Slept out in a shed all alone and all she ever wanted was a place to call home. A few hands saved her. Took her in and raised her. Taught her about love and struggle and patience. Gave her the family comfort she was craving. She worked when they worked and she sang when they sang. She sang so clear and so loud that the people in the town could hear her from her house. She said, Good Lord, I've been waiting so long, for you to come here and take me home. The world's so cold with no place to belong. He said, come on in girl and sing your song. She stepped inside and to her surprise, it was so damn fly, she couldn't believe her eyes. She ate and she drank and she felt satisfied. Then she sat by the window and she glanced outside. Her loved ones were working, eyes got full and her heart started hurting. Cause those people have been singing so long, and not one of them had been inside this home.

Closed her eyes as she sang every note, the ones she was taught and the ones that she wrote. Stood up and grabbed her coat, in those last moments a few words were spoke. I used to look at this big house and all. Imagining what it would be like and all. And now I don't mind saying I feel sorry for you all. All that keeping and so little giving. Built you a big pretty prison to live in. Strut around here, convinced that that's living.

In the shed the sun started to set, she said all her prayers and laid down her head. Said everything that she needed to say, and one of these mornings, we'll wake up to a brand new day.


brother ali