boys, boys, boys

by Rachel Lynch in

You Bitches asked for it..

Sometimes men are like the French police force, extraordinarily aggressive but really just want to sit down for a large glass of cabernet. There’s nothing wrong with a little relaxing, but strength can’t just be an act. If I can beat your jersey shore NYU-daddy’s money ass into the ground with my two bare hands; chances are…we’re not gonna work out. But, thank you. Thank you for telling me about your hedge-fund, JP Morgan and your doctor parents.

Okay…Okay, maybe there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the above, but if you’re a true Pepperdine asshole then yes, yes there is. I’ve only live in New York a little over three weeks but have found myself on about 15 dates with 10 different guys. I suppose I say yes to their invitations because I’m nice. I say yes because that little voice in the back of my head is going, “You just moved here… you should meet people.”

As I reflect back on these weeks of dating, I'm trying really hard to pull something out of it. Maybe learn a lesson.. or twelve. What I've encountered is a lot of douche bags and a small handful of interesting people. I suppose I'm mostly turned off by ignorance and persistence.. AKA: ignorant fucks who are persistent as fuck.

Don't get me wrong, I love a guy who goes out and gets what he wants... But there is a sour taste left in one's mouth when one is bombard by texts or tries to get laid on the first date. Where is the mystery? Where is the catch me if you can? It seems we just "WANT IT NOW!" Like,"Mommy, I see a chocolate chip cookie!!! Can I have it? Can I have it?" Sometimes there's more fun in waiting to take a bite.