boyish charms

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_1628 copy IMG_1636 copy IMG_1640 copy IMG_1641 copy IMG_1696 copy IMG_1700 copy IMG_1703 copy IMG_1708 copy IMG_1689 copyBoyish charms and listening to the smiths in the west village. While attending the Hugo Boss event last week, I decided to put on some pants. I usually reserve these for coffee shop hiding but for the menswear event, it seemed fitting. I paired it with my favorite current piece, this stud halter and my mustard vest. I love the mix of textures.

I'd also like to tell everyone, Happy National Coming Out Day! It's awesome that our culture is moving towards acceptance and creating a world where love is love. It's important for everyone. The more acceptance and non-judgemental energy we put into the world, the better it becomes for all of us.

Happy Friday, I hope you celebrate <3


stud halter vest by rearrange us

army pants by BDG

mustard vest by topshop

skull mirror sunglasses by Karen Walker

photos by Jaglever