born in America lost without our vespa,

by Rachel Lynch in

Fast-forward through today and look at where we are. You and I drank coca-cola in the grove before tying our fingers with strings and pinky promising larger than life things. We went up on the roof to mix our jack and coke. Just a few drinks and photographs away from soaring off the edge of the high-rise. Instead of taking flight, we rode through the sunset, listening to Phoenix and taking our drinks into Ikea. It was there we planned, through the mirrors and paper sand castles. Painting our California dream with cheap coffee tables and king sized mattresses. Sipping our booze out of plastic coffee mugs and testing out every bed we liked. Furniture stores were fantastic places to be drunk, much better than the grocery store. We never did really like the local Ralphs. America got born and got dead in the Supermarket.

But we're not going to.