blue tiger, wildfire

by Rachel Lynch in

I woke up early in the morning and I could have been anywhere. This lifestyle doesn't yet have a name. Hinting at wild things, smelling like spirit. But, we're not waking up with our heads spinning, no hangover, no lazy. We burn death and cut the rope.

We're not under the sea, we're high above the flood with our minds wide awake. Yes, its morning in Hollywood and we're awake with the west coast sun. Today, like the last, is a wild gift of nature. Revolt or reverence, our habits and desires will create the destinations of today. Coffee-maker, sugar, breath before the large bathroom mirror. This place is temporary and so is August. No ones gives a damn about the long term. We're not reckless though, we have goals and projects to spare. Working hard to make the world a more interesting place and under the influence of desire.

baby blue, summer's gonna melt you