blue tide, strong side

by Rachel Lynch in

"Why you sitting there feeling sorry for yourself, get off your ass and go do something about it," he said. He taught me that there's no point in self-loathing, you never gain anything from worry, it only makes you weak. And when I felt like I was going to hit rock bottom, you were there screaming on the sidelines, telling me to quit worrying about them and do me.

I'll never forget feeling so tired after the 2.1 mile mark, legs covered in mud, hailing full speed ahead with only five boys in front of me. I felt the slowing in my arms, then in my feet, I wanted to stop right there on the turn back into the woods outside the plant, but there you were. Posted up on the sideline telling me to go get them so I ran. Through the dirt and mud on the outskirts of the GM plant, I felt a sudden rush of energy as I picked myself off the ground. Took up the pace, and ran full force into the finish line, out of the woods and onto the pavement. I guess I couldn't believe I could do it till you said it. And that was the second race that I finished as first female. Without you, it wouldn't of happened.

photo by: Rachel Marie