by Rachel Lynch in

i hate blonde, rachel lynch, manson2mmfilm4mmfilm721160018 copy21160019 copy21160012 copymmfilm3mm621170021 copyIMG_0140mm3IMG_009821170014 copy21170001 copy21170009 copy21170013 copy21160004 copy21170022 copyblonde manson. i've got a crush on a pretty pistol. tainted love. lace chokers and leather boots. run away. there's lots of pretty ones that want to get you high. he tells me i'm a pretty bullet, gonna be a star someday. i love you, though you hurt me so. faithful. coma white. taught to be nothing at all. i don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me. little girl, you should close your eyes. don't break my heart, and i won't break your heart shaped glasses.

custom tees by Christian Benner

photos by Juan Beltran

special appearance by Jag Lever