blonde love

by Rachel Lynch in

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Her castle's about to be destroyed. Her hair grew longer when she let go of the world. We hurt people we love, we love people that hurt us. She said, why do you have to be so kind-hearted? Why do you always lift me up when I've completely given up? Why do you choose my company over going out?

Loved. Tender warm light. I'm 21 with morals and plans. Grow and develop your fire. Faithful passion to whatever you were made to do. Roses on your skin. Sunlit sky, ocean blues and black eyes. We hurt those that love us, conditioned in the ways of the world. Grow from every setback, rise from every fall. Knocked down three times and she got up four. Fill yourself with love for everyone. See the unfolding of the creator in everyone you meet, including those whom you've been taught to reject.

Art in your reality. It's amazing when you can bring the colors and images you dream about to life. These are some photos Kiara and I shot last week for our book/zine that will be coming out next month. It's amazing when the art you love can be part of your daily life. We made a huge mood-board out of one of the walls in my apartment. We'll be taking tons of photos and playing with colors to bring a little something beautiful and affordable to your little artsy apartment.

Make your dreams a reality. Be active in your passions.

loved tunic by wildfox

mermaid hellbounds by UNIF 

crown by Shop Blonde

photos by Kiara Jade