by Rachel Lynch in

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See, I don't know where I'm going. Well, just not at this moment. But I'm hopelessly focused on ballin', blonde jordan.

They don't wanna fuck with me. Hated that I made it, now they stuck with me. Got their favorite band boy on his knees. They lookin' up to me. Cause I'm shining, they just don't get it, shout-out my dentist. I'm getting ahead, get it? And when I come around it's all love, like tennis.

It ain't my fault now, ball in my court now. And I'm gonna get there hopefully, and knock it down like a open three.

I'm just tryna win, I'm just going in. Tryna make me sign on the line, but I didn't, cause rule number one I will not be two. I just do me, I do not need you. Underrated is an understatement, so fuck who's hating.

eyebrow sunglasses by Le Specs X Craig & Karl Hi

free bird swimsuit by minimale animale

photos by Gil Raitses