blonde inception pt #2

by Rachel Lynch in

I fell back under, the wave crashed over me and i slipped into the white of my bed with eyes wide shut. Physically in my sheets, but mentally about to leave my body.

It was like a sudden punch, my body hit the sheets like a fist full of rage. Although, it was a soft blow, i am so small. He couldn't keep his hands off me, and pulled the string. I slipped under, veins and all. My body was still, but my mind began to run inside a house, it wasn't anywhere i'd been before, it wasn't where my mother died... it was His house. I was a doll in a dollhouse, being used by the dreamweaver. I could feel my free will, but couldn't act upon it. It was worse than being chained, worse than being shackled. To know you were free, to understand freedom, but unable to do anything about it.

This is the power of the mind, this is the darkest depths of the soul. The mind can make a hell of a heaven, or a heaven of a hell.