blonde inception

by Rachel Lynch in

Dripping ocean salt from your hair on the pharmacy floor, stealing from the drugstore. She was alive in a dream. Nature goes to extensive lengths to let us dream safely, our bodies are paralyzed in REM sleep. Is it because in this sleep, we confront what we are most afraid?

She snuck into the back of the store, alphabetized medicine, enough drugs to make you forget you're human, she didn't know what she was looking for.. but she knew she was looking for something. If you wake her after REM sleep, she won't know she had a dream.

Non REM dreams help us learn; but He didn't let her have those. She experienced her world awake and in a deep sleep, the middle ground had been erased by neural inception. And she knew it was happening to her, but she let it happen. She stayed alive in her dream, and screamed until she lost her voice; i guess she had a few last things to get up off of her chest.

Please pull the string now.

Sweet dreams.