by Rachel Lynch in

She was the wildest of the foxes and the blondest of the blondes. She left home at eighteen and never looked back. She road on skateboards with boys on the west coast, and made men fall in love on the east. She was like a fresh jar of vanilla frosting, creamy and sweet. Her heart was too big for her chest, so she'd carry it around in a baby blue alien pendant around her neck. And when she got tired of the noise, she'd crave the loving Berenstain Bear house where she grew up.

And when she got homesick and tired of the east and west coast... she drank champagne and slept in her momma bear's bed. She knew what she needed;  love, affection. And she had it all; three beautiful sisters and a teenage brother. She was healthy at home, the connection of eyes, the brushing of the hair and a stroke on the cheek. Society had made her a monster, a woman that could live like the Spartans with no sleep or food. But she had been blessed with a home, a home she could return to whenever the foxes of the coasts got a little too wild.

sunglasses by wildfox

sweater by wildfox

boots from dollskill

photos by Adam Montgomery