by Rachel Lynch in

Blonde is a loaded word. It's hard to explain what it really defines. Perhaps it's a state of mind; An American way of care-free living with a penchant for running from the law. The need to be smarter, but the urge to play dumb. It's not hereditary, but acquired through life on the fast lane. Only in America...

And speaking of only in America, last weekend was spent blowing it out at the hard rock hotel for my "Blonde Bitch Birthday Party." Needless to say, shit got wild and included Donovan McNabb, Derrick Rose and rumors of Run DMC. The party wildly moved from the hotel room, to the lobby, to the club and back again.

Birthday Blonde Bitch. We are smokers outside the hotel doors. Weekend at the Hard Rock. Mineral water in champagne glasses and clothing spread sporadically across the floor, living out of a suitcase. Blonde in bright yellow sprawled across the back of a motorcycle, enough adventure here to drive us into August. Milk and white hotel sheets.

Yeah, I know.. My friends are fucking hott. Best and wildest birthday ever, bitches.