by Rachel Lynch in

Blonde Bandit. She stole things just for the hell of it . Her grandfather was in the NYPD and her father was a famous bank robber. John Dillinger. He taught her everything she knew about guns and Los Angeles.  They'd ask her what she did for a living. She'd respond, "I rob banks, what do you do?" Her friends wanted to be firefighters, lawyers and doctors. Not her. She wanted to be just like her father. Part of the financial world, without the degree. It wasn't that she liked money. She wanted the thrill. And the thrill she got, with her first pistol on her 13th birthday.  Bye-bye blackbird, she was Convertible Blonde.

John Dillinger: What would you do if you could do anything in the world? Billie Frechette: I don't know; maybe go dancing with you again. John Dillinger: All right; if that's what you want, we'll go into Chicago tonight, have dinner and go dancing. Billie Frechette: [laughing] Johnnie; you can't go into Chicago! John Dillinger: Why not? I can go there to rob banks; I can go there to go dancing with my girl.