Bitch you ain't no Barbie,

by Rachel Lynch in

I recently had the pleasure of being in a real barbie dream house with my favorite hunties. While there, I formulated my Christmas list- including, (but not limited to) barbie's dream house, barbie's beach cruiser, Malibu barbie and of course, Barbie's pink convertible. But I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself here with Christmas, Halloween is coming up. Fingers crossed that my magenta one piece comes in the mail in time for me to be barbie for halloween.  If not, I'll most likely be a all-white cowgirl one night with my white and pink pistol, a fugitive in a black onesize another night and then hopefully barbie in all hot pink. Halloween is seriously my favorite holiday. I honestly play dress up all the time, but this is just an excuse to go into overload. Like a fatass who views thanksgiving as a time to pig out beyond his wildest dreams.

peace and love bitches.