Beverly Hills Blonde

by Rachel Lynch in

Sinking in the same pool as Marilyn Monroe, too blonde and too thin. Just because you're a public person, doesn't mean you're a piece of meat for everybody. I don't remember where I heard that, but it's so true. Amy Winehouse found dead in her apartment, and we all think we know why. Truth is, you never really know a person, even if you read their blog and save their photos to your computer everyday. All we get is this pop culture image, and we're left to fill in the blanks. As you fill them in, you entertain yourself, creating lies and characters that fit with the way you perceive the world.

I want people to be able to have fun on my blog, mentally. I want them to see themselves in the pictures I take and come along for the ride on my pink motorcycle. Velvetcigarette is the world of a big mouthed blonde, changing everyday. You'll never really get to know her, and that's the fun part.