because marilyn monroe only wore chanel N°5 to bed,

by Rachel Lynch in

Here are a  few fun things you need to do on the daily, because you're a girl and you're beautiful and you deserve it. Sexy you time is so #necessary.

1. Always do your make-up naked in the morning, or before going out at night. Why get dressed when it's not time to yet?

2. Always wear a bra & panty that go together.. (if you're going to wear both, #overdoingit)

3. Spray your favorite fragrance on your sheets instead of making your bed in the morning.

4. Always sleep with your hair down, it's more natural and relaxing. (but a lose braid is okay too)

5. Light candles at your desk if you're working late at night, it's relaxing yet keeps you alert.

6. Try to write in a journal once a day. Yes, WRITE, not type. Never lose the art of your beautiful penmanship. Your brain connects to the pen better than it does to the keyboard.

7. Cardinal Rule -- #ALWAYS sleep naked.