because i want you in a bathtub with a mouse-head on,

by Rachel Lynch in

When blond met brunet, the world stopped, looked, and slowing started doing its rotating thing again. The rumors are true, when together, we're worse than amy winehouse with a bag of blow and a video camera. We're a wild, wicked pair smashing around like we own the place. Leave it to us to hit up a few parties and find a dead mouse hat. In a grand moment of true sobriety, we decided to take it into the bath tub. After having the party run in on us to see where the mask had gone we brought it out onto the dance floor and starting going wild. Although we didn't get the Enrique we requested, all went smoothly (some-what). That was until we arrived at 7/11 to buy cappuccino at 3am (yes, cappuccino at 3am, don't judge!) and I cleverly spilled the contents of the orange cup all over the check out counter. Spilled coffee, spilled everything, we really don't plan on calming down.