Because I do it better in LA

by Rachel Lynch in

I’ve just spent the past week storming around los angeles. I was lucky enough to be able to do a couple of photoshoots and see some people I love. I stayed in Hollywood and with that location was able to have photographers,friends, artists over to snap shots and talk. Everyone is so creative and hillarious; I feel as if I’ve grown comfortable around raunchy humor and sadly developing it myself. I can’t help but admire the people I met who moved here on their own to work. I really hope I grow the balls to get my ass out here for good. But until then, I’ll be around frequently and in a few weeks i’m back in Hawaii.

Marc and I had a beautiful time at musems and snaping lovely photographs. He’s really a true talent. Here are a few random shots –

A cute film strip --

Monday, I did a photoshoot with Lotus Josphine (Inno). He has a beautiful artistic eye and will really go far

with his gothy/edgy work. Check out his website ..

Here are a few shots from our adventure in the hotel and strolling around hollywood blvd –

I drew a little too much attention from all the construction workers around Hollywood Blvd and Sunset strutting around in my little jean jacket and nylons..

This shoot was crazy wild with its endless locations and pursuit of places. While I was sitting on the grey stone steps on the blvd in my white dress, people would not stop snapping photos of Inno and I.

Sneaking into random apartments never felt so good, I love working it in La La Land.